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Wellness Wednesday

Live Your Best Life


Lately, it seems that there’s been lots of talk about “living your best life.” Since the meaning of this phrase is unique to everyone, I wanted to see what it means to some our members. Here’s what they had to say.

“Being the best healthy me that I can be.” Bernadette N.R.

“Being in tune to all the life around me, sights, sensations, scents, connecting to my “now” and environment in a visceral way.” Karen M.

“Not letting not being at goal keep me from living a fulfilling life.” Cecile T.

“Remembering that just because I have a bad day doesn’t mean I have a bad life.” Debbi K.B.

“Being able to enjoy my family and keep up without losing my breath.” Cindy K.S.

“Living my best life is trying to maintain my weight for medical reasons.” Margaret S.

“Remembering the words of the pledge* during the week—not just at our chapter meeting!” Lori D.

“Quality of life” Teresa T.

“Feeling young again without struggling under 100 pounds.” Meg H.

“Staying accountable in all aspects is sometimes hard to do but it keeps me on track!” Elaine K.E.

“Being able to move freely and pursue activities without weight interfering.” Christine T.

“Feeling good about myself, keeping a positive attitude and knowing that I as long as I keep focused on my goal I can do this.” Konnie M.S.

When it comes to your health and wellness goals, are you living your best life? Tell me about it in the comments section!

*Many chapters choose to recite the official TOPS pledges at the start or close of their meetings each week as a way to build community and remind all of the reason members gather each week. Use of the pledges is a matter of preference and is not a required part of weekly chapter meetings.


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