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Wellness Wednesday

Let’s Save Money…and the Planet!

Living more sustainably

Living more sustainably doesn’t have to be a substantial time – or money – drain. So if Earth Day this week puts you in the mood to rethink how items get used in the kitchen, these eco-conscious choices might actually save you some cash over time:

  • Proper food storage: If you frequently have to chuck moldy cheese or meat covered in icicles, check what temps your fridge and freezer are set to. According to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), “The temperature of your fridge should be at 40° F or below to keep foods safe. And the freezer should be 0° F.” Other tips include leaving fruits like avocados, pears, mangoes and bananas on the counter until they ripen (then consume or freeze), plus placing a paper towel into air-tight containers with fresh spinach or a salad mix to absorb excess moisture.
  • Minimize Food Waste: A study conducted by The Center for Biological Diversity reported, “About 40 percent of the food produced in the United States goes uneaten.” One of the most effective ways to decrease the amount of food you toss out is to pre-plan meals one to two weeks in advance. Afterward, stick to buying your recipe ingredients while grocery shopping to avoid stocking up on fresh food that won’t get used before it starts to rot.
  • Compost: Reduce your carbon footprint by turning coffee grounds, leftovers and inedible peels into organic matter that can be used as low-key fertilizer in flower beds and vegetable gardens—a.k.a. DIY plant food. Repurposing food waste in this capacity means less biodegradable substances end up in landfills smooshed between other materials which will never decompose. 

Have an eco-friendly kitchen habit that has also saved you some coin over the years? Share your tip in the comment box.

Greet the world with a warm smile this Wednesday!


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