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Wellness Wednesday

Appreciate the Adventure

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I recently watched a documentary about the founders of a popular outdoor sportswear company where one of the founders noted, “when everything goes wrong, that’s when adventure starts.” I heard this at the perfect time – during a vacation to visit family in the Pacific Northwest where things didn’t go quite as planned. Prior to my trip, I had hoped to hike and enjoy the scenery and outdoors as much as possible. Unfortunately, record-breaking heat coupled with smoke from nearby forest fires put a stop to our planned hikes and hid all of the mountains in a blanket of haze. To seek relief from the heat, my aunt and I decided to take inner tubes to a nearby river and enjoy a leisurely float. Everything was going smoothly…until we hit a series of small rapids. I managed to flip my tube, flounder in the rapids and skin my knees. My aunt’s float was also cut short when she accidentally knocked heads with a fellow floater while trying to avoid a rock. With a bruised head, deflated tubes and my favorite sunglasses at the bottom of the Deschutes River, all we could do was shrug it off and laugh. After all, we were both okay and now had a fun story to share.

selfie on a walking trail

Along your journey to a healthier life, you’ll find that things don’t always go as planned. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in expectations of how we think things should be, that we forget to appreciate the journey and all that we have. My trip may not have gone perfectly, but I had a week filled with memories, adventures, love and plenty of laughs. I even managed to sneak in one hike.

There will always be things beyond our control, but it’s important to focus on what we can control, make the best of the situation and appreciate the adventure, no matter how rocky it can sometimes be.

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