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Wellness Wednesday

Almost Halfway Through the 28-Day Meal Plan Challenge

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Are you taking the 28-day meal plan challenge* with TOPS? If so, great! If not, good news – you can start the challenge any time. We officially kicked off the challenge on the first of this month to coincide with February being 28 days, but you’re welcome to start the plan at whatever time works best for you. We’ve been getting awesome feedback so far along with member-submitted photos of some of the meals. Whether you’re nearly halfway through the challenge or considering starting soon, here are some more important things to know.

The free exchange group is your friend. This group includes foods that are fewer than 20 calories and fewer than five grams of carbs per serving. My favorite free exchanges include herbs and spices, as they can take just about any meal from “meh” to “mmmm” in seconds. You can add fresh garlic to roasted veggies, basil or cilantro to a salad or a quarter cup of salsa to a breakfast scramble. If any of the meals in the plan feel like they need just “a little somethin’,” think about which free exchanges can liven things up.


You don’t have to be perfect. While some meal plans make you start over if you have a slipup, this one doesn’t. If you have a dinner date with a friend or a birthday celebration with desserts, just follow the plan as closely as you can for the rest of the day and start fresh tomorrow. We understand that life happens.

Share, share share! I don’t know what it is about food photos, but I never get tired of looking at them. Maine member Jessica Garner shared the photos featured in this blog, proving that one simple way to eat healthier is to color your plate with fresh veggies and fruit. Sharing photos of the healthy meals you’re making can give you a small sense of accomplishment and may even inspire a friend to make a change or try something new. And don’t forget to use the #28DayMealPlanChallenge and/or #TOPS28 hashtags in your social media posts!

We may already be halfway through February, but the journey to your best you yet is just beginning.

*The 28-day meal plan is a member benefit available in the Members Area of

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