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The Periodic Table of TOPS: Dy and Sn

Often in nature, various elements do not seem to have much impact. Most are rare, but when combined with others, play an important role in our lives. Despite the importance, not much thought is placed on their effects.

As an example, Dy symbolizing Dysprosium is a rare element and is used for data storage because of its high magnetic qualities which improve resistance to corrosion. Sn symbolizing Tin is used in plating or coatings. Tin is very rare and expensive. This is why “tin cans’ are not made out of tin.

In the Periodic Table of TOPS, DY symbolizes Diet and SN symbolizes Snacks. They are possible two of the most misunderstood words on our life path.

In the Periodic Table of TOPS, Dy symbolizes Diet and Sn symbolizes Snacks. They are possibly two of the most misunderstood words used on our LiFe PaTh.

I always thought the word Diet (Dy) was a negative word. This was because I did not want to be on a Diet (Dy). Not willing to give up any of my many favorite Foods (F), I did not want to feel restricted. I also felt that Snacks (Sn) were unhealthy Food (F) items that I ate just because I really did not care about Nutrition (N).

Once I joined TOPS, I quickly learned that Diet (Dy) was not an action. The word Diet (Dy) is simply a word that describes the kinds of food like protein, carbs, fats, fruits and vegetables that I need to eat to achieve a Healthy (H) lifestyle. A Planned (P) menu that I need to follow on a daily basis. This is a better understanding of what was truly meant by a balanced Diet (Dy), which apparently does not mean standing on one foot while eating.

I was pleasantly surprised to discover the power of Snacks (Sn) when they are used appropriately. Healthy (H) Snacks (Sn) do exist. They can be used to maintain the balance, filling in for various Diet (Dy) items that may have been missed throughout the day.

In my opinion, the most difficult thing to explain to family and friends about TOPS is that there is no restrictive or special Diet (Dy) to follow. There are no Foods (F) that are off the table. Yes, you read that correctly.

Diet (Dy) and Snacks (Sn): two misunderstood elements that really can help you keep the PaCe on a complex journey.

Planning (P) a Diet (Dy) to serve as a menu and strategically using Snacks (Sn) to fill the gaps to tame my hunger, will help me resist other Temptations (T). However, I must always remember to be aware of my Kryptonite (Kr)I want to lose Weight (W)not Momentum (Mo).

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