The Periodic Table of TOPS: Cr is for Craving

In nature, Chromium (Cr) is a trace element that helps us to use glucose, yet in excess, it can be poisonous. It is in brewer’s yeast and wheat germ. It is also used in chrome plating to make items shiny.

In April 2022, I introduced the first element of the Periodic Table of TOPS…Health (H)There are many factors that influence this journey on our LiFe PaTh. Needless to say, battling the disease of obesity is fraught with many twists and turns. 

The next element in the Periodic Table of TOPS is Cr which symbolizes Cravings. It is this element that may hold one of the keys in my quest to Gain (Ga In) Control (C).

Cr is for Craving

I have touched upon this subject in discussing other elements. Kryptonite (Kr), Diet (Dy) and Snacks (Sn) are some that play a part in the Temptations (T) I fight when dealing with Food (F).

Cravings (Cr) are an extreme, intense desire for something. The science behind Cravings (Cr) are complicated and very intriguing. I have shared my Kryptonite (Kr), however as I prepared to share one of my food Cravings (Cr), I could not come up with one. How can this be?

Looking at the strict science, Cravings (Cr) can be influenced by many factors. Some are lack of sleep, dehydration, gut microbiome, hormonal changes, physical activity, and nutrient deficiencies. There are  many more and I have been affected by most. However, I still cannot come up with a Craving (Cr)…by definition.

You are probably trying to remember the last Food (F) Craving (Cr) you had. I honestly cannot recall one of mine. Remember, a Craving (Cr) is a “I must have it now” moment.

Others in TOPS Nation have written about similar topics dealing with what may drive our eating Behaviors (B)My focus is on nutrient deficiencies as I mentioned as a key component on this heavy subject.

Cravings (Cr) for salty Snacks (Sn) may indicate a chloride deficiency, Cravings (Cr) for fatty or oily foods show a possible deficiency in calcium, coffee Cravings (Cr) may indicate a lack of iron or a Craving (Cr) for pasta may show a deficiency for chromium.

There are others and it is important from a Health (H) point to know that if you can rule out some of the other major causes of Cravings (Cr), one may have a nutrient deficiency. I caution to not self-diagnose, but to remember to act Sensibly (Sb) and talk with your healthcare provider.

This is not the first time as I refract over my over twenty-year experiences with TOPS that either some scientific fact or what my mother taught me (but I did not listen) has been validated. Since I have paid more attention to Nutrition (N), my Cravings (Cr) seem to be in good Control (C) and my gut microbiome is Healthier (H).

I will always have my Kryptonite (Kr), but with the Support (S) of TOPS, that will also remain under Control (C).


2 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: Cr is for Craving

  1. Dear Rick,
    There is good science behind what can cause food cravings. Two sources that have really helped me was along with TOPS I belong to a 12 step program that addresses the issue of cravings to sugar and flour. Also there’s a great book that really addresses the science of food cravings called “Brightline Eating”
    I love your monthly message. TOPS is a wonderful organization!
    Sincerely, Kathy

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