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Wellness Wednesday

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Committed to Commitment 

This week I’m excited to have TOPS Member Content Associate Taylor Patton as my special guest blogger. As of today there are five days before Christmas and less than two weeks before the end of the year, and the various … Continue reading

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How to Stop the Scale “Creep”

If you’ve ever tried to watch your weight, you may be familiar with the sneaky weight “creep.” This “creep” is deceiving, because it happens very slowly. Maybe you forget to log your meals one day. No big deal. Then one … Continue reading

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Appreciate the Adventure

I recently watched a documentary about the founders of a popular outdoor sportswear company where one of the founders noted, “when everything goes wrong, that’s when adventure starts.” I heard this at the perfect time – during a vacation to … Continue reading

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Healthy Tips for the Fair

fair ride

Tomorrow officially kicks off the start of the state fair here in Wisconsin. One of the stars of the fair each year is, of course, the food. Each year, I’m always amazed by what vendors decide to deep fry or … Continue reading

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Tips to Get Moving

If you had told Patsy Casteen three years ago that she would be running countless races, line dancing on the TODAY Show, hula-hooping in Orlando and representing TOPS at a medical conference in Philadelphia, she would have laughed in disbelief. … Continue reading

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Learning to Love Vegetables

Monica Thomas has disliked vegetables all of her life … until now. When she decided to be healthier, she knew she needed to include them whether she liked it or not. She started buying frozen veggies and jazzing them up … Continue reading

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Busting 3 Common Exercise Misconceptions

Yellow yoga mat and tennis shoes

Earlier this week, we wrapped up a four-week series of yoga at work for TOPS employees. Aside from feeling a nice blend of relaxed and energized after each session, I loved that we all had varying levels of yoga experience … Continue reading

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One Tip to Beat the Winter Fitness Blues

Keep Moving

Change of shoes for the gym – check. Extra layer of gym clothes – check. Ice scraper for car – check. Extra driving time to account for slippery road conditions – check. Motivation to actually go to the gym – … Continue reading

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The Best Form of Exercise for You

Exercise Room and Equipment

Working for a health and wellness organization, my team and I are often asked, “What’s the best form of exercise?” Well, swimming is an awesome way to burn calories and is easy on your joints…but what if you hate water? … Continue reading

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