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Wellness Wednesday

Looking Back and Moving Forward


I always enjoy curling up on the couch with my dog and watching year-in-review specials. They serve as a captivating reminder of the past year’s highlights, lowlights, and breakthroughs. They can be a heartfelt tribute to the people or things we said goodbye to. And it’s always entertaining to see what was trending in the past year (selfie sticks, anyone?), who became famous or infamous, and what words were officially added to our vocabulary. Fun fact: the words awesomesauce, hangry (a combination of hungry and angry), and mic drop were added to the Oxford English Dictionary in 2015.

As you look back on 2015 and think ahead to 2016, it’s the perfect time to reflect on your own personal year in review as it relates to your weight-loss journey. Specifically, take time to think about the following.

  • A memorable highlight and/or setback that impacted your weight. What can you learn from this?
  • Something you said goodbye to, or plan on saying goodbye to, or something you plan on saying hello to. For example, is there an unhealthy habit you’d like to finally kick? Or is there something you’ve always wanted to try, like a new exercise class?
  • What one word defined your journey in 2015, and what one word would you like to define 2016? My word of choice for 2016 is “determined.”
  • What will be your “mic drop moment” for 2016? If you’re unfamiliar with a mic drop, this was a trending word for 2015 and is something you do (figuratively speaking) after an awesome performance. Think of it as spiking a football in the end zone after a touchdown. If you’re a TOPS member, maybe your mic drop moment for 2016 will be reaching KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) status.

If you’re ready to try something a little different from the usual New Year’s resolution, give these questions some thought, jot down your responses, and keep them somewhere where you can look at them every day. With a little planning and patience, there’s no reason your 2016 can’t be “awesomesauce.”

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