April National Humor Month
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Three Reasons We Should Laugh More at Work

Sarah Lange, the newest member of TOPS’ Outreach team, lends her voice to the Wellness Wednesday blog this week. Sarah has a passion for writing and wellness and is currently studying to become a certified yoga instructor. Three Reasons We Should Laugh More at Work by Sarah Lange Did you know that April is National Humor Month? While experts disagree…

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Tips for a Successful Weight-Loss Program

Are you thinking about starting a weight-loss program at your workplace? Or, perhaps you just wrapped up a weight-loss challenge and you’re wondering what to do next. Before you take the next step, check out these tips for running a successful weight-loss program at work: Designate a wellness/weight-management champion. This does not necessarily have to be someone in HR and…

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apples on a burlap bag
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The Fruit and Veggie Contest

March is National Nutrition Month® and the perfect time to remind employees about the importance of nutrition. So many packaged foods boast that they’re “high fiber!” or “all-natural!” but some of these claims can be misleading and it’s hard to know what’s actually healthy and what’s simply clever marketing. I’m not a dietitian but I do know that it’s pretty…

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Indoor Exercise Options

Do you have the pre-spring “blahs”? Technically, spring is only one week away but if you live in a chillier climate, winter can sometimes feel like it drags on for months. Help employees beat their blues with some workday indoor cardio! For me, nothing beats a nice midday walk outside, but, when the weather has other plans for you, it’s…

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