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“Avocado Hand” is a Real Thing

I love avocados. In addition to being a tasty and filling snack all on their own, they’re also a delicious alternative to mayo on sandwiches or butter on toast. Avocados even share the adoration of paleo diet followers, food exchange fans, vegetarians and vegans alike! But what happens when something you love turns against you? I’m talking about a new…

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3 Alternatives to New Year’s Resolutions

Have you ever noticed how you don’t really hear about New Year’s resolutions in June? New Year’s resolutions can be a great opportunity to hit the reset button but, if you’re looking to try something with a little more staying power, check out these three alternatives. Try something new every month. Last year at this time I tried cutting out…

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5 Tips for Better Sleep

When it comes to health and wellness, nutrition and exercise seem to get all the attention. But, as we’re trying our best to eat more fruits and veggies and move more, we should also be placing better sleep at the top of our health priority list. According to the Institute of Medicine, people running on poor sleep are more likely…

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