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Be Mindful of Game Day Snacks


Like many football fans here in Wisconsin, I was very disappointed to see that our favorite team would not be making it to this year’s big game to be held in Arizona on Sunday, February 1. Even more depressing was thinking about how many calories were in the over-sized soft pretzel I had just eaten (with friends, in my defense) while nervously watching the final minutes of the game. I’m human and, as we like to remind TOPS members, all foods can fit in a balanced meal plan … even the occasional soft pretzel. But, don’t let this year’s big game lead to big gains at the scale. Before you indulge, consider how many calories are in your favorite game day treats, and then see if you can plan for how long it may take to burn them off*.

7-oz. serving of nachos with beef = 430 calories = 119 minutes of walking

4 barbecue chicken wings (without dipping sauce) = 250 calories = 29 minutes of jogging

1 slice of cheese pizza = 272 calories = 23 minutes of swimming

30 potato chips = 320 calories = 49 minutes of cycling

If you do indulge on game day, don’t dwell on it too much. Each new day is a fresh start and an opportunity to score points for your health.

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*Calorie counts and calories burned are estimated using and are based on a 35 year old female who is 5’7″ and weighs 144lbs