The Periodic Table of TOPS: He Al is for HeAl

It is ironic that the two of the lightest elements in nature will represent an extremely heavy and difficult topic in the Periodic Table of TOPS. 

He symbolizes helium, a noble gas and the second lightest element in nature. Al symbolizes aluminum, a lightweight metal used in manufacturing.

He and Al is for Heal

For my refracted purpose, these two elements symbolize an action that is very difficult for me. The action is HeAl. I am no different than anyone else who has battled obesity all their lives. However, I can only refract on my journey and will share my thoughts with you. I can say I understand what all TOPS members are going through, but only you truly know the depth of the inner scars that interfere with self care.

My scars started at a young age. I did not understand then about Individuality (I) and I desperately tried to fit in. Something happened and I was embarrassed about being the “husky” kid. This was my first scar that influenced my early Behavior (B) and my Weight (W) started to increase.

The scarring continued in my early years. Being ridiculed led to having no self-confidence and trust issues. I was lucky that a relative eventually told me, “You are just as good as the next person, just listen to yourself.” It was then I realized how powerful words can be. 

Looking at my childhood pictures, I was actually not that heavy. However, my perception that was dictated by the actions of others caused me to take a wrong turn and I did not make Sensible (Sb) decisions concerning my Health (H). But just as words can hurt, the right words and Support (S) can HeAl.

Even though I started to HeAl, many Obstacles (Os) were in place and it was easy to slip back, struggling to maintain Control (C)

TOPS has helped me Control (C) some of the bad Behavior (B) that developed from the scars. They never go away but they can be held in check to help me stay Accountable (Ac).

We all may have inner scars and they are equally important and serious. This is why our chapter meetings need to be a safe zone for one to share what they are feeling and not be judged. This will go a long way to HeAl and move forward. Also, if more than a chapter meeting is needed, maybe there will be a member to Support (S) you in seeking more help.

Finally, I will say to you all that no matter where you are on your LiFe PaTh, you are just as good as the next person and need to be heard. Being part of the TOPS TeAm will help us all HeAl.


4 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: He Al is for HeAl

  1. I like your use of chemistry and science.
    I like your use of the Periodic Table. Love how everything is arranged in it. It shows how amazing God is and how he planed everything out so perfectly when he created the Universe. He knew everything we would need and made all the elements.
    God also knew we would need Supportive people like you to keep us encouraged. I, too, was the one who always got called, “Fatso”, at school. Thanks for your healing words.

  2. I personally don’t care for the chemistry & scientific connotations, just more tricky gimmicky games. I love the messages but I could do without the other. I, as do others have limited time. This reminds me of work where you constantly had to look up the acronyms to understand the message. You could save a lot of time & get your message out without these gimmicks. My humble opinion.

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