The Periodic Table of TOPS: Fr ES H is for Fresh

Despite my best Planning (P), things do not go as always as I hoped. In my last blog, I wrote about the importance to PaCe myself. In my excitement to push this project ahead, I used the same element twice. Pa was used in LiFe PaTh and in PaCe. I hope you see the irony in this.

This unintended error has now shown me greater flexibility in Navigating (Na) the complex issues of obesity.

As I tried to figure out how to fix this, I realized that just because two or more elements bind together to create a compound, it doesn’t mean an element cannot be used more than once. This was a GaIn in knowledge on how to manage my project.

Fr Es H is for Fresh. If I did not take a fresh look at what my recent behavior was doing to my quest to improve my health, I would have totally lost control of my weight.

This discovery gave me the idea to take a FrEsH look at my project to build a Periodic Table of TOPS for myself and others to use. 

Chemically, Fr symbolizes Francium used in research and Es symbolizes Einsteinium which has non-commercial uses in some medical trials. H symbolizing Hydrogen was the first element introduced in this blog series. I used it to symbolize Health (H).

Stumbling on this concept was indeed an Einstein moment. I needed to learn that some elements may have different uses that can give a FrEsH look or start when I am struggling. A FrEsH look does not mean a loss in Momentum (Mo), but just the opposite. 

With these FrEsH eyes, it is clear that one element may also have a different meaning for someone else. What we all know as Individuals (I) is that we may need different things to help with our Accountability (Ac) that others may not understand.  

If I did not take a FrEsH look at what my recent Behavior (B) was doing to my quest to improve my Health (H), I would have totally lost Control (C) of my Weight (W).

I have had a humbling lesson on the importance to PaCe myself. Just like I did, I encourage you to take a FrEsH look at your journey and adjust accordingly for another Victory (V) on your LiFe PaTh. Also, don’t forget to seek Support (S) with any adjustments you decide you need to make.


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