The Periodic Table of TOPS: Eu is for Eureka

I am not alone when something I am working on finally comes together in using the phrase this is an “Aha!” moment. I had many of these moments during my forty years working in a laboratory.

Refracting on my next element for the Periodic Table of TOPS, I had another “Aha!” moment when I saw Eu, which symbolizes Europium. This element fluoresces and is used in time-resolved assays. I used this in my work with the federal Laboratory Response Network in testing for bioterrorism agents like ricin and tularemia.

Eu is Eureka

Although I do truly miss it, enough about the laboratory. In TOPS, Eu will symbolize Eureka, which by definition is a cry of joy or satisfaction when one finds or discovers something.

Not everything I have tried in the past with my battle against obesity worked. However, I can truthfully say I have had more Eureka (Eu) moments in my twenty-one years as a TOPS member, than the forty-five years I tried on my own.

Nothing feels better than knowing I had a good week and then stepping on the Scale (Sc) and getting to say Eureka (Eu).

I also know there are other Eureka (Eu) moments that did not necessarily involve the Scale (Sc). Being able to Control (C) my Temptations (T) and keeping my Momentum (Mo) are great Eureka (Eu) moments that keep me on my LiFe PaTh. Also, putting an article of clothing one size smaller is another Eureka (Eu) moment.

Not all moments will be a Eureka (Eu) moment. But, I will not get discouraged. Over twenty years ago, my Health (H) was a total disaster and despite putting some of my Weight (W) back on, I am much healthier now.

My best Eureka (Eu) moment was when I recently saw a former laboratory colleague and her first words were, “Geez, Rick, I thought you’d be dead by now.” It is not overly dramatic for me to say that Mrs. Manz and TOPS have saved my life.

The next time you step on the Scale (Sc) in the Weight (W) room with a loss, shout out…Eureka (Eu)! I encourage you to refract on your Eureka (Eu) moments to help you get through the battle. Remember it is easier to lean on the Support (S) and Accountability (Ac) provided by TOPS. Weight (W) loss is a challenge and never should be done alone … or in a vacuum.


3 thoughts on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: Eu is for Eureka

  1. i enjoyed this article it is how TOPS works. We need all the help we can get and we need to give to help others.

  2. Really like the Periodic Table for TOPS! Great inspiration fill ins at our weekly meetings.

  3. Thank you, Rick! I thoroughly enjoy your posts, your insight, & how cleverly you express important information! I’ve been a member since mid October, & have lost 30#. I am planning on attending the 75th Anniversary day on October 21. Exactly one year since I found TOPS! Eureka!!!

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