The Periodic Table of TOPS: Ca is for Camouflage

I have mentioned elements may have many uses. Calcium, symbolized by Ca, does not disappoint. There is no need to mention the obvious uses, but one of the hidden uses many are not aware of is that Ca helps muscle movement by transferring messages from the brain throughout the body.

Ca is for Camouflage

In the Periodic Table of TOPS, Ca symbolizes Camouflage and I suspect I am not alone in using Camouflage (Ca) in the battle against obesity.

Trust me when I say that it takes a lot of Camouflage (Ca) to hide 321 lbs. When I refract on what I used to do, it seems comical … more on that in a bit. Not being a fashion guru, I quickly learned to always wear dark, loose clothes and be careful of horizontal stripes. I really thought I could hide my Weight (W).

I thought I was adjusting and never really gave much thought to my Health (H) at least until I started college.

I was petrified when I read the dress code for attending Medical Laboratory Technology classes. I had to wear white shoes, white pants, a white shirt and a white lab coat. Given that my name is Richard, I had great fear of being called the title of one of Herman Melville’s books, “Moby Dick.”

So much for my brilliant idea of using darks for Camouflage (Ca) … this is where the humor (maybe) comes in.

I attempted to use humor to deflect the pain. I realized that many of the famous comedians were large people who often used self-deprecating humor. I thought it was better to tear myself down before anybody else had a chance. If I could no longer hide in the shadows, then I felt I needed a different type of inner Camouflage (Ca).   

We are all aware of the BiAs (Bi As) applied to those of us who live on the plus side of LiFe (Li Fe)Growing up it was assumed I was lazy and would not accomplish anything. This certainly did not help my confidence. I needed something to Camouflage (Ca) the hurt that festered deep inside. 

I suspect my use of Camouflage (Ca) was so good, family and friends did not pick up on the Clues (Cl) that I was screaming for help.

I know now that burying, hiding and the use of Camouflage (Ca) to mask my feelings only can make an unhealthy situation worse. 

TOPS Support (S) helped me realize that I can shed most of my Camouflage (Ca) and seek help. 

I always thought if my career as a microbiologist did not grow, I could have tried a career as a stand-up comedian…now that’s funny.


1 thought on “The Periodic Table of TOPS: Ca is for Camouflage

  1. My husband and I are both Medical Technolgists.
    I worked in the OUMC Blood Bank 50 years.
    And yes we both wore total white when we trained in the 60s.

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