The Periodic Table of TOPS: Bi As is for Bias

In previous posts I have refracted on how various elements effect my Li Fe Pa Th. The struggles are real, and it is important to note that the 23 elements already discussed (with more to come) are needed to assist in defeating the next element being  introduced… BiAs, particularly the BiAs that exists against people who battle the dreaded disease of obesity.  

BI As - Any type of negative bias can derail someone's health and emotional well-being.

The challenge continues to find all the essential elements needed to complete the Periodic Table of TOPS. Luckily, nature does have a way to provide what is needed. Bi symbolizes bismuth with helps with stomach problems and indigestion. As is the scientific symbol for Arsenic, a well-known poison. 

Just as arsenic is a lethal poison, BiAs can be equally lethal. Any type of negative BiAs can derail someone’s Health (H) and emotional well-being. Weight (W) BiAs is extremely damaging and can be found in all aspects of our lives.  

As an Individual (I) dealing with obesity, I have had my own experiences with Weight (W) BiAs, especially while growing up. I was called names, and told that that I was lazy and would not amount to much. The scars are deep and still exist.  

Dealing with family, friends, and society in general concerning Weight (W) BiAs is difficult. It is bad enough to be judged by our appearance when it comes to being selected to participate in school activities while growing up to possibly not getting your dream job later in life because of Weight (W) BiAs. However, this BiAs still existing in the healthcare arena can be damaging. 

Just mentioning that obesity being a disease can cause confusion. The BiAs of most  who look at obese people is all that needs to be done is to eat less and move more. Calling it a disease must be an excuse… to be clear, it is not an excuse.  

I consider myself fortunate I was able to take the Opportunity (O) in applying the knowledge learned through TOPS and have frank conversations with my doctor about my Weight (W). My doctor has now become a promoter of TOPS and has used my success as an example when working with interns and other patients. Unfortunately, in my opinion there are many other patients who are not as lucky.  

BiAs will be difficult to overcome and can delay Momentum (Mo) to one’s healthier lifestyle. More work needs to be done, but with the Support (S) of TOPS we all can take on the battle of obesity… we must not give up. 


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