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The Periodic Table of TOPS: K is for KOPS

It may be hard to believe, but the last element is finally here. Potassium, symbolized by K, is both an electrolyte and a mineral. Electrolytes are needed to keep the body’s balance of fluids at the proper level and to maintain normal functions.

K is for KOPS. The final element for the Periodic Table of TOPS is K to symbolize KOPS, which means Keep Off Pounds Sensibly.

The final element for the Periodic Table of TOPS is K to symbolize KOPS, which means Keep Off Pounds Sensibly. 

Being Sensible (Sb) is essential for the journey to a lifestyle of good Health (H). It is important for me to remember and use the knowledge I’ve learned so far on my LiFe PaTh. Doing unhealthy “tricks” to lose Weight (W) totally goes against the teachings of our founder, Mrs. Manz.

KOPS status is something that every member can achieve. However, not every member must declare they have reached their Target (Ta) Weight (W). It is their choice and certainly does not diminish their efforts. They just choose not to seek official recognition.

There are many quotes from Mrs. Manz that remind members what a TOPS members’ true goal should be. In 1967, she wrote:

“The purposes for which the corporation is organized are educational and scientific. These purposes include the following: to control and correct weight imbalance and to study underlying causes; to improve knowledge of the causes of and means for corrections of the individual overweight; and to promote knowledge of and means for the formation of social environments conducive to the control of harmful weight fluctuations in individuals.”

She further stated, “You and I joined TOPS to lose weight. We did not join to win contests, prizes or recognition.”

Mrs. Manz still wanted her members’ efforts to be recognized. But her intent was indeed focused on Health (H) first. In the same year, she stated, “We love to give honor and recognition to those who lose, but it is not our intention nor desire to pay or reward people for losing weight. The loss of excess poundage is the reward in itself.”  

There are times when our focus can be placed on the wrong Target (Ta). Being Sensible (Sb) and being held Accountable (Ac) are cornerstones of our wonderful organization. Long before obesity was officially considered a disease, Mrs. Manz knew that members needed Support (S), because Weight (W) loss is challenging and should never be done alone.

When I need to explain the many rules TOPS has for recognition, I refract on these quotes and others from Mrs. Manz. I get concerned about some of the Behavior (B) I am made aware of and get curious about the potential Obstacles (Os) some of the rules may have caused in a member’s LiFe PaTh. They may be focusing too much on the tangible.

Certificates may get torn, ribbons may get ragged, pins can be lost and crowns will tarnish. However, enjoying fifteen, twenty, twenty-five years or more with our friends and loved ones is the true reward Mrs. Manz gave us. We can be happy and reap that reward by all working together to Keep Off Pounds Sensibly (KOPS).

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