The Periodic Table of TOPS: Re is for Retreat

There was a time when all pictures were taken with a camera, and phones were only used to call someone. I am also old enough to remember the camera that had a flash bulb, that was only used once. The element Re, which symbolizes Rhenium, was used to ignite a lighter to initiate the flash.  

Make attending a retreat a goal that6 will help you achieve your ultimate goal of a healthier life.

In the Periodic Table of TOPS, Re symbolizes Retreat (Re). To be clear, I am not talking about the act of giving up … just put that thought out of your mind. I am saying to use a TOPS Retreat (Re) as a place to “Re-ignite” your Li Fe Pa Th.

I have attended a Retreat (Re) three times in my TOPS life. It was the best way to grab that Opportunity (O) to seek a different level of Support (S). It allowed me to gain knowledge on Health (H), Nutrition (N) and Food (F) — to help me Navigate (N) through my Li Fe Pa Th. 

Attending a Retreat (Re) allows for a different type of interaction with fellow TOPS members. It is safe haven to ask for help and learn more about the many tools available for members — a great place to get away from all the distractions of the world. It’s an Opportunity (O) not only to connect with your peers, but to re-connect with yourself. 

TOPS has three Retreat (Re) Directors, holds in-person Retreats (Re) throughout TOPS Nation, and has virtual options available. All this allows you to find something that will fit your Individuality (I). You can find more information on the TOPS website.

I encourage every TOPS member to attend a Retreat (Re). Reach out to fellow members who have attended for more insight. Apply for one of the two scholarships TOPS gives each year, or put a financial Plan (P) in place to attend.  

Make attending a Retreat (Re) a goal that will help you achieve your ultimate goal of a healthier life. If cost, travel, or scheduling is a concern, the virtual option is a great way to participate. 

A Retreat (Re) will definitely Re-ignite your Momentum (Mo). You definitely should attend one, for the Heath (H) of it. 


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