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The Periodic Table of TOPS: No is for No

The Periodic Table of TOPS continues to move towards completion with the introduction of the 45th element. The element is Nobelium, named for Alfred Nobel, who invented dynamite. I hope you have a blast reading this blog. 

Nobelium, which is symbolized by No, has no uses outside of scientific research. For our purposes, No will symbolize No.  

No is for No. The fact that the just say no advice is not very helpful. Unfortunately allows many quick schemes similar to snake oil salesman to cloud the issues and prey on our vulnerability.

“Just Say No” was a famous campaign quote from many years ago. Although the intent was well meant, it was not a very successful campaign against drug abuse.  

As a human battling obesity for all my life, if I had a nickel for every time I heard, “Just say no to certain Foods (F),” “Just say no to having dessert,” “Just say no to a second helping,” “Just say no to eating late at night,” or “Just say no to Temptations (T),” I would be a rich man. 

Why anyone would think that a simple “No” is all that is needed for such a complex issue is totally beyond me.  

I try not to refract too much on folks who do not have a Weight (W) problem and are so quick to give the “Just Say No” advice. They mean well, but losing Weight (W) to achieve better Health (H) cannot be done by sheer willpower alone. 

The fact that the “Just Say No” advice is not very helpful unfortunately allows many quick schemes, similar to snake oil salesmen, to cloud the issues and prey on our vulnerability.  

As I wrote in the first element introduced, Health (H), “I admit to playing the game and putting my big toe into the quick schemes of weight loss. Sure, I lost weight, but I was not any healthier and was possibly putting myself at risk for other related health issues.”

I say we should definitely say No to those quick fixes. The TOPS mission of providing Support (S) and Accountability (Ac) for any human battling obesity is a nobel thing to do.

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