The Periodic Table of TOPS: Co is for Cost

Finding the next natural element was easy this time. Co in nature symbolizes Cobalt, which has been used in compounds to provide a blue color to glazes and ceramics. 

For my refracted purpose, Co symbolizes Cost. There has been much in the news about how prices have increased. It seems everything is increasing, and that includes my weight. This roller coaster ride certainly has its ups and downs, but let me get back on track with this next installment in the Periodic Table of TOPS. The project is almost complete.

I will be right up front that as a scientist, I am not the best person to talk about economics. 

Cost (Co), expenses and value all have different meanings, but I am sure I have used them interchangeably. However, applying these terms to my LiFe PaTh takes on a whole new meaning … I apologize to all the accountants who are TOPS members.

Everything has a Cost (Co) which is based on expenses needed to create an item. So, the Cost (Co) is an investment for a future benefit or value.

CO is for Cost. I was paying a greater cost in ignoring my health.

It may just be me, but it seems to Cost (Co) more to eat Healthy (H). I am sure there are many reasons tied to the expenses of preparing Nutritious (N) Food (F). What I cannot wrap my head around is how “value meals” or a “dollar menu” make any economic sense.

Yes, it may be more expensive to eat Healthy (H) than to eat off the dollar menu, but I put great value on being Sensible (Sb) by eating Sensible (Sb).

My twenty-plus years as a TOPS member have shown me that prior to becoming a member, I was paying a greater Cost (Co) by ignoring my Health (H). My overall expenses would have been much larger had I not made the investment in TOPS.

The fact that I am no longer paying for monthly prescriptions, avoided diabetes and have good annual lab results are paying great dividends. I have also noticed that by going down a few sizes, some of my clothing is at a lower Cost (Co). I Believe (Be) I am actually saving money with my investment in TOPS.

The Cost (Co) of an annual membership fee has shown me the true value. I look at the fee as one of the expenses I need to incur to be as Healthy (H) as I can be. We can debate whether the Cost (Co) of a TOPS membership may be too high or too low, but would you not agree that for the value derived from a better quality of LiFe, the Cost (Co) is actually priceless?


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