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The Periodic Table of TOPS: Be is for Believe

When I research each element for the Periodic Table of TOPS, I will usually list one or two of the many uses of each element. In science, many items can have multiple uses or meanings. I then decide how the abbreviated name can be used for my refracted purpose in TOPS.

I selected the next element very carefully. In nature, Be symbolizes Beryllium. It has many uses but Its importance in aerospace technology is what grabbed my attention.

Be is for Believe

In TOPS, I have decided that Be should symbolize Believe. It could as easily stand for Beware, Because or Benefit. It was my choice to have it symbolize Believe (Be).

I have been accused many times that I tend to over-analyze. I do Believe(Be) in looking at all aspects of any situation. It is a colorful way to look at the beauty of life.

This is why I looked up the word Believe(Be) in the dictionary (actually I Googled it). By definition, it means to consider something to be true, accept something, or to hold an opinion. 

The definition validates my perception of what works for me. We all know what works or helps one member is not the same thing for another member.

My blog series is called Refracted Fridays for this reason. I look at things differently than you. Based on your angle, you may see something totally different.

A glass prism refracts white light into many colors, breaking it down in basic components. Simply put, if I did not take the time to look at something from all different angles, I may not see the missing component I need to improve my LiFe PaTh.

Believe(Be) we tend to get ourselves in trouble when we force our thoughts and opinions on to others. What I Believe(Be) may not necessarily be what you Believe(Be). We must understand we all can look at the same thing or hear the same Healthy (H) advice, yet come away with different interpretations. 

To Believe(Be) in something will not necessarily make it come true. Although, it is a concept that gives me hope. I need to have faith in myself that I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. I will always check with my healthcare professional if something seems a little difficult to Believe (Be).

Honest and open Support (S) is the best way to create an Opportunity (O) for all of us to express our Individuality (I)

My place is to not judge but to learn and help others learn. As nature has taught me, there are many interpretations and uses of things. If I choose or choose not to recite a pledge, weigh in or not weigh in, or to Believe (Be) a splash of color in the sky can symbolize hope to keep me going, so be it. 

We all need to find something to Believe (Be) in that will help us stay Accountable (Ac) on our journeys.

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