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Aim for the Stars: Join Around the Table

We never seem to have enough time. My dad would always say, “With all these modern conveniences, you’d think people would have more time.” I can’t explain why we seem to be so rushed. However, it’s important to try to slow things down and connect with your surroundings.

the constellation Mensa

The next signpost on our journey is the constellation Mensa. Mensa is Latin for “Table.” The table plays an important part in history. Many issues and problems were resolved around a table. The table was so important that, at times, the size and shape of the table overwhelmed the discussion.

The kitchen table serves as a focal point in our homes. Family discussions, gatherings, and a place to put things happen at this table. Although, with everyone’s busy schedules, it appears to be more difficult to get the family together for a meal or just to catch up.

You can find many studies that summarize the benefits and importance of a family having dinner together at the table and not in front of the TV. If you still have children at home, the payback for them goes well beyond reduced tensions at home. They’re also more likely to steer away from drugs and do better in school, and you’re more likely to detect any serious problems before they happen. These are important benefits.

Another aspect that I’m concerned about is childhood obesity. The average rate of obesity among our children is just under 20%. Striving for a family dinner or meeting at the table will help pave the way to success. Gatherings around the table tend to produce healthier food choices. Children will develop better eating habits around a table.

A helpful hint you can try is to have two baskets at the kitchen table: one for bread and the other for electronic devices. Phones, tablets, and other electronic devices must be placed in the basket during a meal. The act of sitting around the table will pay dividends, provided there are no electronic distractions. Just don’t get bogged down in heavy discussions.

Concentrate on being connected. Even if you don’t have children at home, having a meal at the table with a significant other and no distractions will allow to you to connect, strengthening the lines of support you deserve. If you developed the habit of eating on the run or in front of the TV, it may take some time to change. Nevertheless, like everything else, we just need to take it one step at a time. Set a goal. Maybe schedule two gatherings a week at the kitchen table and work from there.

We all have things to bring to the table.


This is part ten of the multipart series, “Aim for the Stars.” In my next blog, we’ll look upward to the constellation Cetus.

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1 thought on “Aim for the Stars: Join Around the Table

  1. I miss those wonderful family times around the table as a child. I miss the serving bowls of each choice of dish my Mother had made. Now days there are usually no serving bowls set on the table to be passed to each person at the table. The serving bowls have become pots sitting on stove that each individual goes to fill their plates from. I miss the conversations of how each persons day had been for that day. It was a wonderful time to converse. Thank you Rick for this nice insight.

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