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Aim for the Stars: Look for Your First Signpost!

As humans, when we try to figure out what we want to do or where to go, we tend to look UP. How far up do you look? As I struggle on my TOPS journey, I find that I need to go beyond the clouds in the sky and aim for the stars that make up the vast universe. As on any journey, we need signposts to guide us on our way, and there are many throughout the night sky. Growing up, I was fascinated by the “pictures in the sky.” Little did I know how helpful they would be in my future.

Sagittarius constellation

So today, keeping constellations (pictures in the night sky) in mind, let us map out a TOPS journey together. What is our first step? We need a destination, something to shoot for. That is right, a goal. We cannot get started until we know where we are going. Our goal is the target weight set by our healthcare provider, which will get us to the ultimate goal of a healthier lifestyle.

The constellation Sagittarius is our first signpost that can help us start our journey. Sagittarius, known as the Archer, is great example to remind us to take aim at our goals. An experienced archer will take careful aim at a target (goal). However, are we always going to hit the bullseye the first time out? No, we need to practice. And there, folks, is where the journey begins for some and can end for some. Expect your journey to get a little bumpy. You are not going to hit the bullseye with your first shot. Do not give up! Maybe you need to aim at smaller targets that are closer.

Decide on what your smaller target should be. Prepare yourself for a challenging journey. There are more signposts available to help you. Among the pictures in the vast night sky, you are never alone.

Until then, remember there is always support when you need it.


We’ll explore the many beacons in the night sky in future installments of this “Aim for the Stars” series. In next week’s installment, we’ll set our sights on Bootes, the Shepherd constellation.

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1 thought on “Aim for the Stars: Look for Your First Signpost!

  1. What a cool approach to the weight loss journey. I am just getting started AGAIN but no worries. Thank you for your inspiration. From a newbie Sagittarian.

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