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Aim for the Stars: Handling Misinformation

As you continue using the Orion signpost to help you hunt for answers, you must be able to sift through all the data that exists. Taurus, the Bull, will serve as a reminder to be careful in what you see, read, and believe. I’m telling you there is no quick “fix” to losing weight and achieving a healthy lifestyle.

the constellation Taurus

However, you would think there’s an easy path to success after seeing many bogus (Bull) claims made by paid celebrities on TV or in print. You will often hear: “Take this pill,” “Sprinkle this,” “Buy this piece of exercise equipment,” “Order our special food,” “Buy our special slimming belt,” “Don’t weigh in—no meetings or counting!,” or “Just buy this meal plan.” You’re constantly being bombarded with this malarkey (Taurus), and you need to remind yourself not to buy into this hooey (Taurus). The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) constantly monitors these sort of plans, but they can’t catch everything.

The irony is that in all this misinformation, buried in the glitzy advertising, a real solution can be found. Stop and look more closely. At the end of the ad, in fine print or at the bottom of your TV screen, also in fine print, you can find a plan. Look for the phrase, “Combine our product with a sensible eating plan and moderate exercise, and you will lose weight.” None of these quick-fix plans has the essential ingredient that’s really needed to go along with eating sensibly and exercising. So why it is necessary to buy a magic piece of exercise equipment, a drug, or an expensive plan? Seems like a lot of phooey (Taurus).

You won’t find any fine print at TOPS. TOPS leads with a sensible eating plan (including portion control) and moderate exercise. But you already know this. There is no shoveling of gobbledygook (Taurus). We just sprinkle in support and some recognition to complete an inexpensive, successful plan for you to follow. You won’t find any paid endorsers or “special products.”

TOPS is honest about weight loss. It’s challenging and you don’t have to try it alone. Taurus, the Bull, will be there reminding you to stay true and not fall for any quick fixes. Shout to the world that you aren’t going to ride the Bull to failure. Enhance the support you get by letting everyone know that you are Real People with Real Weight Loss … and that is no hogwash (Taurus).


This is part five of the multipart series, “Aim for the Stars.” In my next blog, we’ll look upward to the constellation Pisces.

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