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The Measure of Success

How do you measure your success? Management consultant Peter Drucker once said, “You can’t manage what you can’t measure.” Some aspects of success are easy to manage and measure. Wealth, a good job, and social status are some that quickly come to mind. Business owners seek to stay in the black and not in the red. Repeat customers and long…

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Mindful Matters

“Life’s a journey” is a common metaphor, encapsulating the thought that the destination is not our final goal. One of my favorite expressions in dealing with my weight loss is that I am on a journey to a healthier lifestyle … a journey that does not end. My ongoing journey is not always smooth, with many bumps along the way.…

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Aim for the Stars: Failure is an Option

All the information symbolized by each signpost builds on the next. One is not more important than the other; however, you may need to stay at one post longer than the next. There may be one signpost you favor that will set you on the correct path. The journey may be tough going at times. There may be slips and…

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