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Anything But Par for the Course

Whether at work or play, we all look for an edge—some advantage to move us closer to whatever we are trying to accomplish. At times, we seem to expend more energy looking for a shorter route, but there is no easy path to success: It comes from hard work and persistence. Practice makes perfect.

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Amid the global pandemic, we all have had lessons in patience and persistence this spring. As we enter a new season, try to get out if you are able. Plan a healthy picnic, even if it’s just for your backyard or balcony. Take a swing at golf or compete with fellow members to try new activities in 2020. If it’s not practical to brave the outdoors, try stretching and strengthening moves in the living room.

No matter what we do in life, we must practice to excel. That means having a game plan, preparing to execute it and creating a support system for when we get stuck in life’s sand traps or lost in the woods. In TOPS, it is all right to take a mulligan (do-over), learning from our experiences to create another plan.

Remember: Great champions are simply ordinary people driven to give extraordinary effort in pursuit of their goals.

We are always chasing something.

Sincerely TOPS,

TOPS News May/June 2020

Adapted from Rick’s President’s Message column in the May/June 2020 issue of TOPS News.

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