My M&M’s Story

Recently M&M’s have been in the news. I thought I would share my refracted M&M’s story.

When I was part of TOPS Field Staff, there was a lot of mailing. I would try to get it all ready for each Monday and go to the local post office. Since they didn’t take debit cards, I needed to use cash. There was a peanut M&M’s dispenser in the hallway. If I happened to get a quarter in my change, I would put it in the candy machine and turn the dial to get five (sometimes six) pieces — talk about portion control. Each one was ten calories. I called it my treat for the day, and I only did it on Mondays.

bright background with candies

As a TOPS member, I know how important it is to set goals. My goal was to get five M&M’s pieces all the same color. I thought it was a lofty goal and I worked hard at it.

Now, I’m sure you all are wondering how this goal can be TOPS-worthy. Yes, like all of you who are working to your weight loss goal status for the first time or lost your status, my main goal IS to get my weight loss goal status back. As many of you have heard me say, “I enjoy being at my goal weight so much, I’ve done it six times and working towards my seventh.”

However, if we focus on that main goal, it may seem too far away and we could get lost along the way. We need to set minor, small goals that will keep us focused on the end game. As a TOPS member, I know that I don’t have to give up my favorite foods. Yes, I get lost from time to time and fail to practice proper portion control. I will admit that sweets and pizza are my “kryptonite.” No one is immune to cravings, and we all need to work together and offer support in accomplishing our minor goals so we can get to the major one.

I did look forward to every Monday. Five pieces at fifty calories are better than a whole bag that has two hundred fifty calories. At least I wasn’t buying a whole bag, hoping they would all be the same color. This is one way for me to practice portion control and quiet a craving. In addition, if I happened to not get a quarter in my change, I walked right past the M&M’s dispenser. That isn’t the ultimate portion control; it’s exercising willpower not to go ask the clerk for change for a dollar.

I did finally reach that goal and got five blue pieces. It was the best serving of candy I have ever had. Now I rarely eat any more of them.

As I said, my main goal is to get back to my weight loss goal. Every time I look at an M&M, I’m reminded of the small steps I need to take to get there. So now when you look at an M&M’s package, I hope you remember this story and are inspired to work on your small steps.

You’ll get to your main goal before you know it, one small step at a time.


4 thoughts on “My M&M’s Story

  1. You’re right Deanna… it is a great story – and a great way to practice “Portion Control”
    I’ll have to think about what I can do to practice portion control…

  2. I so enjoyed this story and the lesson in it. Thinking of borrowing it for a program at my chapter. Also, I’m trying to remember a warm-up song my barbershop chorus does about M and M’s. When it comes back home to my memory and if it is applicable to your story and the TOPS’ members’ journey, I will send it. It is great that you share your struggles and successes with achieving and maintaining a healthy weight with the wide membership. It makes you real to all and someone with whom we can identify and be inspired by. Thanks for all you put into your role as president and fellow TOPS’ pal.

  3. Rick, your M&M story is one to remember for sure. I have had a graham cracker story at one time trying to get my KOPS status restored and it worked. My thing was I would wake
    up hungry in the middle of the night and try as I may, I could not go back to sleep until I
    had those 2 graham crackers, that’s all. Usually 3 nights a week. Thanks, Judy

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