Have someone in your household who might want to join us? Read this!

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Hi, TOPS friends!

We have spent a lot of time over the past few weeks updating certain areas of our website, along with the verbiage on some forms that we make available to you, our members and friends, etc. — all about a certain Board Directive that has been in place since mid-June: Half-priced members!

In case you’re sitting in front of your computer right now, thinking, “WHAT is she talking about?”, I’ll be more specific: Any additional member residing at the same physical address [as a full-priced TOPS member] is eligible to receive half-priced membership.

You just need to opt in for that second half-priced person (if eligible) at the time of his or her joining, or renewal.

Did you realize that?

So, if you’ve been bugging your spouse or your college-aged kid to come join you at TOPS, and that person lives under the same roof, he or she is now likely eligible to pay half-price.

Here are some notes that go along with that — some of these you might know already, and some might be new.

A lot of these were new to me, because of course, I too am still relatively fresh to the TOPS organization, so I’m “learning as I go,” as former president Barb Cady would say! 🙂

  1. If you want to refer someone you know to TOPS, and that person is blind or visually impaired, he or she is already eligible for half-priced membership.
  2. So are teens and pre-teens! (Those ages 7 to 17).
  3. If you have a spouse or someone in the same household who’s a current TOPS member, and they’d like to transition their membership to half-price, they’ll have to call headquarters and ask about the option: (414) 482-4620.
  4. Here’s a down side for you to mull — half-priced members in the same house as a full-priced member will NOT receive their own copy of TOPS News. So if you love having your own issue of the magazine, that miiiiiight be a reason to keep your current membership status in place!
  5. Finally, half-price membership only applies to the Basic package.

So whether you’re renewing, encouraging a family member to join, or whatever the case may be — we want to stay “TOPS” of mind in your life, and I just thought you should know about this great option!

TOPS has truly stood the test of time. We’re starting to talk about what we’ll do next year to ring in 75 years. What an incredible milestone.

Won’t you join us, by giving yourself the gift of better health? More support? Accountability?

Now’s the time!

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4 thoughts on “Have someone in your household who might want to join us? Read this!

  1. great news for the half price change. I have saying that for awhile now. So happy to heard that any member of family living in the same household.

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