About Michelle Ganley

Michelle started at TOPS Club Inc., an international nonprofit weight-loss support organization, in June 2022. She moved into the Director of Communications role after working as a digital journalist for nearly 14 years.

In the third grade, everyone in my class had to deliver a speech about what we wanted to do or be, when we “grew up.” All I knew is that I wanted to write. I wasn’t sure yet exactly what that meant – would it be books, movies, songs or short essays? As an 8-year-old, I had no idea.

As I got older, that love for the written word never really went away, or changed. I loved the feeling of having a pencil or pen in my hand, with an empty notebook, ready to be filled with my latest thoughts and ideas.

I studied journalism at Michigan State University, and grew to love telling people’s stories. I became curious about the world, thrived in one-on-one interview situations, and so enjoyed documenting the tiny slice of the world around me. I went on to work at a newspaper and then for three different broadcasting groups, immersing myself in digital storytelling, experimenting with what makes for a powerful headline, and teaching myself how to manage social media accounts and breaking news, in this ever-changing landscape of news and media.

I’ve always had a passion for healthy living, exercise and mindful living. At TOPS, it’s like the best of my worlds are all colliding: I now get to tell our members’ stories, learn more about this historic, powerful organization, and spread our message with the world – now from the inside, rather than a reporter or copy editor, covering someone else’s news or events.

When I’m not typing away at my laptop, or at a hot yoga class, I’m often grabbing some fresh air with my husband and our two children, Analisa and Robby, trying a new restaurant downtown Milwaukee, or watching a Michigan State game – football or basketball!

I’d love to “meet” you, even over email, and look forward to working with all of our excellent members and field staffers. Thank you for this incredible opportunity!

About Michelle’s blog, ‘TOPS’ Of Mind

I look forward to sharing my thoughts in this blog space – what kinds of ideas we’re mulling over at headquarters; what we’re hearing from you, our wonderful members and friends; what’s trending from our field staff; I’ll introduce some fun new features, including Member of the Month; and whatever feels “TOPS” of mind from a communications and marketing standpoint! My inbox is always open for ideas. Is your chapter loving pickleball lately? Do you know a member I just HAVE to meet? These are the things I’d love to hear about!