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How to put a little ‘spring’ in your step

We were like the traditional postman: “Through rain, snow, sleet, or gloom of night,” nothing prevented us from our appointed fun. Continue reading

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Lessons from the fitting room

Sometimes kids can help remind you of what really matters, and how they see the world. Continue reading

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A TOPS win in Michigan!

I was hoping it might inspire you to follow suit, or see if it gets your wheels turning about any similar opportunities you could offer in your area: This Grand Rapids chapter was able to get a small area paper to post this message weekly, for the next six months. Continue reading

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We’re more than just a weight loss club

Since 1966, TOPS Club has contributed more than $16 million toward understanding and treating the effects of obesity on health, and to learning ways to help people effectively lose weight. Continue reading

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What to do if it’s just not your season

Ganley children

Do what you can, there’s always tomorrow, and I hope you’re in a beautiful season at the moment — but if you’re not, just know that you’re not alone. Baby steps count, and I’m with you in solidarity. Continue reading

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Member of the Month: Meet Dorothy, who just keeps on going

When it comes to making TOPS a lifestyle, probably not many people could explain it better than Dorothy Farrar, who joined back in June of 1974. She’s still with the group today – 48 years and counting! Continue reading

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More connections, more support: Still en route!

Did any of you wonder about a vague reference from the latest TOPS News? I ask, because I’m ready to tell you a little bit more. Continue reading

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Trying to renew your TOPS membership? Let us help!

Something I’ve learned is that there seems to be an issue for people attempting to renew their TOPS membership online. Let me help! Continue reading

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A TOPS baby!

I just wanted to pop onto the blog briefly, and tell you, readers and friends, that my maternity leave is here. We now have a TOPS baby! Continue reading

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How to reset your forgotten password on

Without further ado, let’s dive into how easy it is to reset your forgotten password. First up, go to our website. Continue reading

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