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Some ‘4 or more’ inspiration for you!

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I received the following in my inbox about a week or two ago, from a TOPS member: “If I want to share about how we have grown (by word of mouth), do I send it to this email address?”

“YES PLEASE!” I wrote back with a smile.

This is the stuff we live for, over here at TOPS HQ. Plus, with the membership drive well underway, I thought, what better time than now to hear a story like this one?

So without further ado, I thought I’d share! The following comes to us from Rose Gutierrez.

“I joined (my chapter), Quartz Hill, CA 0572, in October 2022. I’m a daily walker at a local trail park here in Lancaster, California, and I would pass by a gentleman all the time. We would greet each other as we passed one another — until one day, we actually met, and I asked him how much he walked. Then he told me how his weight loss group encouraged him to get out and move, to help achieve his weight goal. And at this time, I was down and out about my weight, and just unhappy with myself. This gave me hope that maybe this group he spoke of would (provide) the help I needed. Well, Steve D. told me he was invited to TOPS by another daily walker on the trails, named Greg Q.”

“So (the news traveled) from Greg to Steve to me (I’m Rose). So of course, I was excited to share with others about this great group! In January 2023, my friend Cindy V. joined, my friend, Karla L., who I also met on the trails; she joined, then two friends, Jennifer and Jackie from church joined — and Jennifer’s daughter Cabrina joined us, as well. So, thanks to Greg, there are seven people who make a wonderful addition to our CA 0572 chapter! I’m currently 20 pounds down, and I’m a happy camper running 5Ks and doing a 10K this upcoming weekend. I’m so grateful that spreading the word about TOPS reached me — and I’m glad to continue to share it with others.”

See how important word of mouth can be?

So if you’re out there, thinking about how you’ll win 4 (or more) members this year, think about your daily routines. Are there people you see every day, who you might be able to approach?

SO glad you shared, Rose!

Some fantastic food for thought on a Wednesday.

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