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New York friends! This one’s for you

This blog might not make sense to anyone except my New York SRD folks … so hang tight, rest of the world, and we’ll return to regularly-scheduled blog content soon! 🙂

Hi friends! I’m hoping you arrived here based on that QR code.

Here’s that landing page I referenced:

You’ve already made it to my blog (YAY, you’re here now!), but if you ever need to get here quickly, the direct link is: (you could set it as a bookmark!)

Our “official” Facebook page is this one.

Promotional materials can be found here — although you do need to be logged in to to access these. They could use an update, too … which is on our list! But if you need a jumping-off point, these are helpful.

New to the site in general? Most items can be found by logging in and navigating to the Members Area, and then clicking on “My TOPS Resources” on the middle/right side of your page. Then decide if what you’re looking for is a Member Resource, a Meeting Material, a Health & Wellness asset or under Tools & Trackers.

Krames Health Library is here.

TOPS Talks — sign-ups and to watch old ones — are available here. ⬅️

Beyond that … explore! I think you’ll be really pleased with what you find, once you’re logged in and you start digging.

And if you’re stuck at the “sign in” step, email for help.

Happy exploration!


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