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When I’m tired, the first thing that comes to mind to wake me up from my midday slump is either an energy drink, a green tea or some coffee. However, I don’t always want something to drink, so I go on the hunt for some high-energy, healthy foods to eat. Some of the main things to look for in the search for high-energy foods are: 

  • Complex carbs
    • They burn slowly, giving you energy for longer
    • Fiber is a complex carb!
  • Protein
    • Consistent and lasting energy
  • Healthy fats
    • Enhances the absorption of nutrients and helps keep blood sugar levels stable
    • Omega-3s are a mood AND energy booster
  • B vitamins
    • Helps enzymes turn food into energy
  • Simple/natural sugars
    • Ready-to-use energy
    • Lactose is an example! 
  • Minerals
    • Magnesium
      • Helps to convert sugar into energy
    • Manganese
      • Breaks down carbs and proteins to turn them into energy
  • Vitamin C
    • Needed for energy production

Make sure to stay away from high-sugar foods because while it might give you a boost of energy, you’ll crash not long after.

Here are some foods I found that meet the criteria above!

  • Bananas
    • Complex carbs + vitamin B6 + little bit of protein
    • Can eat in so many ways, as a snack on its own, frozen and blended into a smoothie, etc.
  • Eggs
    • Protein + leucine (stimulates energy production) + B vitamins
  • Oatmeal
    • Complex carbs + serotonin from oats
    • Watch out for packets with high sugar though!
    • Add cinnamon, which helps to keep blood sugar levels stable, making your energy levels stable
  • Hummus
    • Complex carbs + fiber
  • Brown rice
    • Vitamins + fiber + minerals 
  • Avocados
    • THE healthy fat + fiber + B vitamins
  • Leafy greens
    • So many vitamins and nutrients to keep energy steady
  • Nuts
    • Complex carbs + protein + fiber
  • Seeds
    • Fiber + fatty acids + magnesium, phosphorus and zinc (all help convert food into energy!)
  • Peppermint
    • Not a food, but it has been shown to elevate alertness
  • Water!
    • Even though this is a drink, I thought it was worth mentioning because being dehydrated can make you feel low-energy. A refreshing glass of cold water might be the perfect solution to wake you up!

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Stay tuned for my next blog post featuring foods that nourish your mind and mental health!

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