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Still on the Road… Passionate Pursuit

Have you lost your focus?

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You set your goals, map your journey, and then make little progress. Chances are you were more interested than committed to reaching those goals. Maybe you weren’t passionate enough to follow through to the end of the journey. Passionate commitment allows us to go where we have never gone before and to endure what we aren’t sure we can in order to reach our personal goals.

It is essential to have a clear picture of where you want to be to avoid drifting aimlessly through life. It can be overwhelming to think of reaching higher than you ever have before. You may have tried reaching for goals but been unsuccessful and decided to not to try again. Don’t quit!

Recently, one of my chapter members demonstrated her passionate commitment to reaching her goal. She chose to give up going out to dinner with certain friends so that she wouldn’t be tempted to stray from her food plan. Despite a very busy family schedule, she found time to exercise each day. And just recently, she made the nine-hour trip home from the Outer Banks to attend a two-hour rally for inspiration and motivation, returning the next day to complete her vacation.

Now THAT… is passionate commitment!

She knew that receiving the honors she had worked hard to earn in front of her TOPS friends at that event would help keep her focused on the road she was traveling, and she was willing to make the effort.

Are you passionately committed or simply interested? Do you want that goal enough to actually take action that heads you in that direction? The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who set them aside is the choice of commitment.
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