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Still on The Road…Don’t Assume

Do you make assumptions about people? When you are quick to do that, you stop paying attention and miss clues that would otherwise help you to find and reach common ground with them. Too often, miscommunications are a result of differing assumptions.

I love the story of the traveler, who went to a lounge between flights, bought a small package of cookies, and then sat down to read a newspaper. She became aware of a rustling noise and looked to see a neatly dressed man helping himself to the cookies. She didn’t want to make a scene, so she leaned over and took a cookie herself, hoping he would get the message. As time passed, she thought she had been successful. But then she heard more rustling. She couldn’t believe it; he was helping himself to another cookie.


There was only one cookie left, and while she watched in disbelief, the man broke the remaining cookie in two, pushed half across to her, popped the other half into his mouth, and left. The traveler was still furious some time later when her flight was announced. When she opened her handbag to get her ticket, imagine how shocked and embarrassed she was when she found her pack of unopened cookies!

If you are like me, you probably assumed the man was helping himself to her cookies. Too often, we are guilty of making assumptions about people. Too often, we make generalizations when we should be making observations. It is easy to label people and then see them only in that light. Unfortunately, once we have done that, it is difficult to see them any other way.

This week at chapter, let go the assumptions you may have been making about others who you have decided either “have it made” or “don’t care.” Pay attention, ask questions, and find common ground. You may find that you will be able to connect. You may find they are willing and helpful allies in your weight loss journey. In TOPS, we need to discover and share common ground to ensure support at every point in our journey.

I Care, Barb

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