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Leaders are in the people business. One way to gauge the effectiveness of a leader is to look at the chapter and see what the members have accomplished. Great leaders help their members achieve great results. Coaches achieve wins and championships through their players. Conductors create great music through the performers in the ensemble. A great leader helps members define their success to make their best efforts and not settle for less than that best effort. The team knows where they are going and the leader keeps everyone focused and accountable.

When a team becomes stagnant, maybe a change of leadership style is needed. This doesn’t necessarily mean the leader is doing a bad job. It may simply mean that the chapter may need someone who has a different way of moving them along—a different style of leading. Think of it this way; you may be wearing a favorite suit that clearly doesn’t fit as it used to. You can continue to wear the suit and hope that somehow your body will adapt and adjust until the suit fits, or you could try on another suit. You may need to try on several suits until you find the one that fits both your needs and the needs of the chapter best, for now.

Tailor Shop

Find and wear the leadership suit that fits you well and that is appropriate for the goals the group is working toward each week. Just like you wouldn’t wear a frogman suit at a formal dinner party, you might need to check your leadership style closet for the right “moving forward” suit. Great leaders will have several suits in their closets; ones that fit them and are appropriate to numerous settings. Since, as a leader, you are in the people business selecting the appropriate leadership style is very important . It must be a comfortable fit for both you and your members. Don’t settle for wearing something “off the rack.” Instead, tailor it to be the best fit possible.

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