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Real People… Real Excellence

“Whether you are flying the Atlantic, selling sausages, building a skyscraper, driving a truck or painting a picture, your greatest power comes from the fact that you want tremendously to do that thing well. And a thing well done usually works out to the benefit of others as well as yourself. This applies to sport, business and friendship.” These words from Amelia Earhart remind me of the importance of meeting all the roles in my life with an attitude of excellence.

The commitment each of us makes to excellence directly reflects upon others within our sphere of influence. Your commitment helps those around you understand that in doing their best now, they are placing themselves in a better position for the next moment of their lives.

One of the people I admired most is a custodian. Each day, he entered my classroom and went about the business of cleaning with such meticulous care that I am in awe. His commitment to excellence in his job has inspired me to greater heights in mine. I hope that someday my efforts will serve as a similar inspiration to others.

Many members who are KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) maintaining a healthy goal in our chapters illustrate the correctness of this commitment to excellence. Quality of life is not so much about what you choose to do. Being a doctor or lawyer is of little true value if you do it badly! The quality of life is truly in direct proportion to our commitment to excellence, regardless of the chosen goal. It isn’t just about being a KOPS. It is about how these people go about it… working to sustain change and to encourage those around them to keep trying and stay the course.

Keep Pounds Off Sensibly

When those of you who are at goal strive to do your best in maintaining, you empower all of us following after you by your example! Your continuing efforts make you a key player in a successful TOPS chapter. Thank you for the excellence of your example! We do look to you.

I Care,Barb

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