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Real People… Real Confusion

Confusion precedes learning. The anxious thoughts that seem so puzzling or discouraging are actually your gateway to understanding. Only by persistently doing battle with the things you cannot yet do or that which you do not yet understand can you ever hope to achieve what most people never accomplish.”
Andy Andrews

I like these words from Andy Andrews in his book The Noticer Returns. When confronted with a difficult task, most people concede they can’t do it. When we understand confusion precedes learning– that we can’t do it yet, it opens wide the possibility of an entirely different approach to life. Those who continue to learn and achieve have the ability to live with, even in, a state of confusion. There is no reason to meet confusion and turn away.

Confused business man looking at a book

Like children do when learning to walk, to skate, to ride a bicycle, let’s welcome the concept of “not yet.” It is a thought process which is capable of opening many doors which are only closed because we have chosen to close them. We must be willing to work through confusion and disappointment long enough to move from “not yet”, to “I can!” Then we can celebrate that “Eureka, I’ve got it!” moment. The way I see it, I must be capable of many things since I am usually confused by something!

I Care, Barb

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