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Real People … In their own words… the letter S

Satisfy, Seek, Simplify, Support, Significance

Seek the line of expectation and then exceed it! I read this line several times, and each time I did, I became more unsettled. Oh, I understand the intent of the words. What I don’t understand is how to address this when my negative self is looking at each expectation and every challenge in my weight-loss journey with the attitude that, “This is too hard. I will never be able to do this!”

I have never been a person who “settled” for average, or even below-average in most areas of my life. I have always been able to see that I clearly find a way to do better than others might think possible. It is easier than it might appear. If I needed to find an example that supports my answer, I find two instead. If practice began at 6 p.m., I was ready to go at 5:30 p.m. Not only did I develop the reputation for doing more than I was asked, the extra time and preparation helped me improve. That is a very good thing!

I think that I need to seek significant ways to support my efforts to do more. I am not satisfied with just not gaining! This simple statement brings great clarity. My expectation has been much too low. I am definitely better than that. I definitely can work harder, practice more and give more than I have been expecting of myself. There is a great deal of truth to the axiom that it takes just a little “extra” to move from ordinary to extraordinary. I am now looking for opportunities where I can go a little further, push a little harder, last a little longer, prepare a little better and deliver a little more. I have seen my line of expectation … and am determined to exceed it!

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