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What If . . .

open window overlooking a fieldSharing one important lesson she’s learned during the quarantine period is TOPS Second Vice President and Service Program Administrator Deanna Bies.

Deanna Bies Lesson

What If . . .

Deanna BiesIn listening to someone answer a question on TV regarding the pandemic, I heard the person saying, “‘What if’ is the song of anxiety.” I was doing something else at the time, but my brain tuned in to those seven words and made me think about all the times I had heard them said, either by someone else or by myself (in my head or out of my mouth) in these last few months.

During this time of the unknown, these words play louder than ever. This time of uncertainty has especially made remaining positive a daily mental exercise. If I’m not playing this “what if” scenario in my head, I hear it repeated either on TV, on the phone, in emails or in person. When we really don’t know the outcome, it is difficult to focus on what we do know.

What we know is that “Today, I am OK.” Today, I can get out of bed, get myself dressed and be ready to face whatever is ahead of me. Today, I am able to go about doing what needs done. Today, I can make wise choices. Today, the sun will shine somewhere.

“What if” we could let go of needing to know. In reality, it doesn’t matter about tomorrow, because first we have to get through today. Playing the “what if” scenario only delays our being able to function where we’re at this moment. I don’t like feeling anxious. When I am fretting, I tend to make unwise choices and then I have to deal with a whole new range of emotions that result.

In the future those two words, “what if,” will cause me to pause. Instead of adding a new consequence on the end of the two words, I will ask myself, “Can I let go of needing to know?” If I can answer yes to letting go, my day will be less stressful, I will be less anxious and I will be able to make wiser choices.

Can you let go of the needing to know?

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