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Real People… Real Failure

No one sets failure as a goal. Yet, failure is a statistical probability in life, and we need to be prepared to face the possibility of it. We can’t be afraid to fail. Confidence isn’t gained by the timid and … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Best Effort

Pie Man with the letter T

A great competitor welcomes worthy opponents and the hard battle and defines success, first and foremost, as performing at his best when his very best is needed. A great leader teaches the organization to do the same. He also teaches … Continue reading

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Real People… Really Extraordinary

New York Taxi

“The distance between a passenger and a driver in a car is less than three feet, but that difference is huge. People who choose to be passengers are subject to going where the drivers are going. Passengers have no control … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Starters

Orchestra Conductor

Have you ever heard Yogi Berra’s famous comment, “It ain’t over ‘til it’s over?” Would you be surprised to know that sometimes it IS over before it is over…and you can know when that is if you know the Law … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Results

Senior Lady Golfing

Did you know that that motto of the United States Olympic Committee is “It’s not every four years. It’s every day.” Excellence can be achieved only today…not yesterday or tomorrow, because they do not exist in the present moment. Today … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Silence


When your people talk, do you listen? It is interesting to notice that the word “listen” is an anagram for “silent”…same letters, different order. Perhaps there is a subliminal message there! When you take the time to drop everything, look … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Team

Girls playing soccer

Why do teams exist? It is an interesting question posed by Pat Williams, author of Extreme Dreams Depend on Teams. Answer: teams exist to enable people to work together and achieve high goals that would be out of reach for … Continue reading

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