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Real People… Real Puzzle Solving

Puzzle Pieces

Have you ever noticed that a bunch of people can go through the same class, all getting the same information and tools, and some will come out and totally rock it and others will fall flat on their faces? Even … Continue reading

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Real People… Really, Murphy!

Hand pushing I can instead of I can't button.

Nothing is as easy as it looks; everything takes longer than you expect; and if anything can go wrong, it will, and at the worst possible moment. We know this as Murphy’s Law. If you believe in it, you are … Continue reading

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Real People… Respond, Don’t React

Run away from negative people

It is easier to have a great attitude when everything is going well and the choice to have a great attitude is something nobody and no circumstances can ever take away from you. Everybody faces challenges in life but we … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Mind Power

Brain on blue background

Every thought that goes into your mind has an effect to some degree. Whatever you put into your mind becomes a part of the total you. For example, had you been born in China, spoke the Chinese language and listened … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Warning Lights

Auto mechanic reparing car

Recently, I replaced , my ten year old clunker with a new vehicle which came equipped with a “check engine” light and an alert system installed to let me know when something is wrong. I suppose it is a great … Continue reading

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Real People… Don’t Choke… Breathe

Senior Woman Practicing Yoga

There you are, the game is on the line, and you have the opportunity to win for your team. Suddenly, you become nervous about being nervous, anxious about being anxious. You are at the free throw line with the ball … Continue reading

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Real People… Rebuild

Under Construction

It is a New Year and an exciting opportunity awaits us! If I were a contractor and had been given the opportunity to refurbish and remodel an existing property, what should be my first step? Do I go for quick, … Continue reading

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