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Real People… RESPECT

Respect means a great deal to me. I believe we owe a measure of respect to every human being we meet, whether that person is family, friend or foe, young or old, the CEO of a major corporation or a panhandler. Without … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Desire

Are you looking to make a difference as your New Year begins? Benjamin Franklin started each day by asking himself, “What good will I do today?” And as nighttime arrived, he followed with “What good did I do today?” He … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Craftsmen

“His card simply read Carpenter and had a phone number in big bold print. He went on to explain that while he gets jobs as a carpenter, he approaches his work as a craftsman. ‘A carpenter builds things. A craftsman … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Excellence

IRD Milwaukee WI 2014

Is doing what everyone else is doing your goal? Most people are not obtaining results that are considered extraordinary. If our thinking is causing us to do what everyone else is doing, we are only contributing to the “average”. Even … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Crossroads

Which Direction?

All of us are born with some innate talents. With effort, we can take these talents and develop them into excellent skills. These endure and grow through time IF we continue to hone them. Our daily commitment remains necessary to … Continue reading

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Real People…Real Best Effort

Playing Cards

Over the recent New Year’s holiday, I was visiting some friends when a few of the group decided we should play cards. I overheard one lady say she did not want to be partnered with me because I was too … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Excellence

Keep Pounds Off Sensibly

“Whether you are flying the Atlantic, selling sausages, building a skyscraper, driving a truck or painting a picture, your greatest power comes from the fact that you want tremendously to do that thing well. And a thing well done usually … Continue reading

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