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Real People… Real Daring

At the park where I walk, I watch a group of kids who play there almost every day. Some are out front leading the way, some are at the back of the pack struggling to keep up and several are … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Failure

No one sets failure as a goal. Yet, failure is a statistical probability in life, and we need to be prepared to face the possibility of it. We can’t be afraid to fail. Confidence isn’t gained by the timid and … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Action NOT Reaction

Here’s to the start of my (and your) very best year. As I shared with you in my last blog of December, I was spending time reflecting and jotting down actual actions, thoughts and feelings to better understand where I … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Decisions

Business man making a decision.

Although you may never have even thought about it, your brain has constructed an internal system for making decisions. This system acts like an invisible force, directing all of your thoughts, actions, and feelings, both good and bad, every moment … Continue reading

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Real People… Really Can Change!

While hopping about one day, a frog happened to fall into a very large pothole. All his attempts at jumping out were in vain. Soon a rabbit came upon the frog and offered to help him out. He, too, failed. … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Routine

Wind Up Toys

Most of us are creatures of routine. We get up at the same time each morning, eat pretty much the same breakfast (if any), drive to work the same way, frequent the same restaurants and watch the same television shows. … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Faith

Healthy Lifestyle with apple, water bottle, stop watch and lemonade

If you were sick of feeling fat and out of shape, and the only time you could get to the gym were at 5 AM on freezing winter mornings when you were all snuggly in bed….would you go? If you … Continue reading

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