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Real People… Real Desire

Are you looking to make a difference as your New Year begins? Benjamin Franklin started each day by asking himself, “What good will I do today?” And as nighttime arrived, he followed with “What good did I do today?” He … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Mission

In our most reflective moments, each of us wants to make a difference … a contribution. Call it a cause or call it a mission, we want to be a part of something meaningful. Detecting what our contribution will be … Continue reading

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Real People… Redirect

Have you ever found yourself in a ditch, seemingly unable to move forward or backward? Despite your best efforts of rocking your car back and forth, the tires continue to spin, throwing mud in all directions and ultimately digging the … Continue reading

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Real People… True to Myself

Playwright Neil Simon once gave a commencement address with the theme of being true to yourself. He said, “Don’t listen to those who say it’s not done that way. Maybe it is not, but maybe it can be. Don’t listen … Continue reading

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Real People… Rethink

Two women turn 70 years old, yet each takes a different meaning from the event. One “knows” that her life is coming to an end. To her, seven decades of living means that her body must be breaking down and … Continue reading

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Real People… Redefine Limitations

Once there were two men fishing on the same side of the river. The younger guy was not catching a thing, while the old man caught everything in sight. The young man noticed, however, that when the old man caught … Continue reading

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Real People… Real Self-Talk

We all have conversations going on inside our heads and, no, we are not crazy. Well, at least I’m not! We all hear competing voices. One is a negative critic, and the other is a positive coach. It is called … Continue reading

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