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Stay Away from Negative People

women reaching out virtually

My dear friend Deanna first introduced me to Jon Gordon and the danger of “Energy Vampires” getting aboard “The Energy Bus” I am driving. According to Mr. Gordon, “An Energy Vampire is a person who will suck the life out … Continue reading

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Decluttering My Life

woman sitting on the couch reading

Last night, I curled up on the couch after dinner and treated myself to a movie. From the many choices, I decided on an old favorite, “Father of the Bride,” starring Steve Martin. In it was an old Ella Fitzgerald … Continue reading

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Do Something Exciting

fish jumping out to a new bowl

Recently, I asked myself the following question: “When was the last time you did something for the first time?” It actually took me only a few moments, thanks to the upheaval of routine in 2020, to come up with several … Continue reading

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Be Excited

hands playing the piano

Back in the day, long ago, I was a fledgling pianist. I loved playing the instrument and joining in with my dad and his brothers. All were talented and played a variety of instruments. I won’t say we were the … Continue reading

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fireplace burning

Recently on a chilly morning, my gas fireplace was not functioning properly and would not ignite. Mind you, I knew enough to have figured out that the problem had to do with the remote control and settings for it. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Living Your Best Life

woman walking her dog outside

For many years, I focused incredible amounts of energy on making changes. If anything was made apparent in 2020, it was the simple fact that change happens regardless of my focus and that I will find a way to deal … Continue reading

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Be the Sounding Board

female friends holding hands and supporting each other

I’ve received several notes and calls from friends and acquaintances about their New Year’s resolutions. Interestingly, what they’re struggling with the most is pushback from well-meaning friends who “know” what is best and are acting as naysayers in their journeys. … Continue reading

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