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Helpfully Responding to Stress

woman reading on a couch

Most of us have been stressed out more than a time or twenty throughout our lives. We have come to identify various stressors and what our most common responses to stress are. There are too many categories into which most … Continue reading

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Staying Motivated

boys playing basketball

Have you ever heard the word “yougottawanna”? No, it isn’t from an ancient language long forgotten. Rather, it is an expression often used to articulate the desire to keep going, to staying motivated, to enduring until the desired result is … Continue reading

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There Never Seems to be Enough Time!


As so often, it was a busy week and I found myself wondering where on earth I was going to find the time to add one more thing to my list. This reminded me of a piece I had read … Continue reading

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“I See Fields of Green, Red Roses Too…”

Visualizing success

Do you ever catch yourself in a daydream when a favorite song like “What a Wonderful World” by Louis Armstrong comes on? All of a sudden you find yourself with your favorite person, or maybe sitting on the beach or … Continue reading

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The TOPS Legacy Grows

TOPS IRD 2019 logo

What a super weekend I enjoyed with over 1,800 TOPS friends from all over the United States and Canada at International Recognition Days in Portland, Oregon. My gratitude goes out in waves to the dedicated Field Staff and volunteers who … Continue reading

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Habits: Changing and Replacing


We truly are creatures of habit and are what we repeatedly do. About 40 percent of our waking hours are a matter of habit. The primary reason for this is because habits require minimal effort or thought and allow us … Continue reading

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Attitudes: Positive or Negative?

Change to a positive attitude

Whenever this topic crosses my mind, I hear coach and trainer Zig Ziglar saying that it is time for “a checkup from the neck up” and time to “stop stinkin’ thinkin’.” Dr. Michelle Robin states that “Your mind will always … Continue reading

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